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Tracy Bass

John T. Haynes Inc.

I would tell them to choose peace of mind by choosing your company.

Having ASG IT Consulting as our outsourced I.T. provider, we know that they will always keep us up and running efficiently and safely.

No matter what time of day, they take care of any requests or needs quickly.

If someone was on the fence about choosing ASG I.T. Consulting as their IT firm, I would tell them to choose peace of mind by choosing your company. We are able to concentrate on our business and not worry about the IT aspects knowing you will be there to take care of any issues.

Brandon Hall

Brandon Industries

Even if my kids were in IT, I would still use ASG IT!

We've been using ASG IT for 19+ years now and would never think of using anyone else. Aaron and his staff are here for us 24/7 no matter if our problem is big or small. We also know they provide us with the most up to date technology to protect us from outside attackers, ransomware and data loss. They are very honest and always provide the best service. In fact, even if my children were in IT. I would pick Aaron and ASG over them!

Veronica Wilson


We have truly enjoyed working with Aaron and his team! They are very knowledgeable and easy to understand and work with; before Aaron and his team we were using an IT guy from another company and completely not satisfied with his knowledge and work ethic, we could call, email or text and not hear back from them in a considerate amount of time. At ASG IT the help email they created is a tremendous plus because someone always responds within minutes of the email; which makes you feel like your problem matters and they are ready to help. I highly recommend ASG IT for all your computer needs!

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